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Send free sms messages to any number in the world

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Peace, mercy and blessings of God

 How are you my brothers?

 Today I present to you a great site

 It allows you to send SMS messages to any phone and number in the world for free

 It is very useful when there is no credit on the phone, you can send a free message

 Or when you have a friend or relative outside your country, the cost of the messages is very expensive

 You can send messages through this site for free

First, we enter on the following site

 Free sms

 Second, we write the data as shown in the picture

1- Country

 You choose the country to send to

 2- The number

 You type the number that the message will reach

 Writes the number without 0 which is the beginning of the number

 3- The message

 You write the desired message


 You write the code like the one in front of it (the number)

 5- Send

 After writing the data, press Send and the message will be sent


 If this site does not work for you, you can try this other site

 With the same previous data

 God willing, he works with you

Dr. Hossam khaled


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