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Pepsi and its relationship to digestion

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What are its ingredients? And who is the first to produce it? What is the reason for the refreshing sensation when drinking it? Does it really help in the digestion process? Or is it just psychological ?!


What is Pepsi

 It is a soft drink attributed to its first production in 1998, which was produced by a pharmacist. Its a soup or medicine ?!

 What are its components?

 Since it is one of the soft drinks, it is the mixture formed when water is combined with carbon dioxide
 Then other substances are added to this mixture to give it this dark color. Unfortunately, the production of these coloring materials may result in substances that cause multiple carcinomas.

 What is the relationship of Pepsi with potassium benzoate?

 Potassium benzoate is the substance that gives Pepsi its refreshing sensation.
 We come to the important question,

does drinking Pepsi after a heavy meal help with digestion?

 The answer is indifferently No.
 There is no evidence that Pepsi or any other soft drink helps with digestion.
 From here another question arises which is more complicated! 

So why do we feel that we urgently need it after that big meal !!  And if we drink it, we feel really comfortable

 To answer this question, we can make two assumptions
 The first hypothesis: This is due to the psychological factor because we are used to it.
 The second hypothesis: The lower part of the esophagus (a tube that delivers food to the stomach) expands slightly due to some chemicals added to Pepsi, which reduces stomach acid reflux into the esophagus and a feeling of acidity, but there is no evidence that these soft drinks are involved in the digestion process
Dr. Hossam khaled


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